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My Background

My journey through life has shown me that connection is key.

From a young age I had a strong desire to connect with children. My own childhood experiences, of being dyslexic, highly sensitive and feeling deeply were all taken-for-granted and where I began. My calling was to this healing journey which I'm now on, sharing a connection-based parenting paradigm with others.

My career as a Primary School Teacher started in 2005. My first job was in East London, at a diverse, vibrant and inclusive school.  

Despite learning to deal with the various behavioral challenges that pupils presented me with, nothing could have prepared me for becoming a mother myself. In 2008 my eldest was born and whilst oozing with love and adoration for this little being, I was on the other hand, completely overwhelmed. I was infact unprepared, faced as I was with his medical problems and emerging emotional challenges. 

After a while I made the difficult decision to leave teaching. I started childminding and began to find my own wobbly way. I  branched out and run my own groups.

By the time I had my youngest in 2015, I was in a more stable place. However the inevitable ups and downs of life often derailed my parenting. It wasn't what I wanted for me or my children but I didn't know how to change it. 

A turning point was when I stumbled across 'trauma based parenting practice'. This shifted the way I saw my children and I became more able to appreciate them for the beauties that they are. Beginning to work with Listening Partnerships gave me space to work on myself and I discovered I could listen to myself before responding, and so become less reactive and 'shouty'. These tools became my life lines.

My biggest realisation was that love and compassion for oneself is at the core of parenting. Stemming from this,  'connection is key'. All the work I have done has helped me to become a lighter, more present and playful mother and I feel excited to be in the position to share this.

I am now an Aware Parent Instructor and offer guidance to other parents that are full to the brim and need safe space to unravel their parenting and family life.  

3 Aware Parenting Aspects

Attachment-Style Parenting 

Non punitive discipline 

Healing from Stress and Trauma

Link for more information on Aware Parenting website

Aware Parenting Principles 

My background: About me
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