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Welcome to Calm Connect

Aware Parent Instructor

Aware Parent Aspects

 * Attachment-style parenting 

 * Non-punitive discipline 

 * Healing from stress and trauma 

Parent Support Groups 

One to one Connection Calls

Transformational and empowering guidance for your parenting journey. Listening and sharing compassionately is at our core. 

Our Parent Support Groups provide the place and space for personal growth, self-reflection, self compassion and being part of a collective of caring parents learning together. 

One to one sessions for a more tailored parenting journey. 

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What is Calm Connect?

If you or another parent/carer is finding life challenging or overwhelming, Calm Connect is ready to help. 

We are proud to be a reliable source of comfort, warmth and belonging. 

Listening Circle Set Up

We come together and share our 'positives', complete a grounding exercise, then onto our parenting tools and sharing. Next we go off into Listening Partnership. Continuing with regrouping to share self compassion practices. Finishing with things we are looking forward to before closing the circle. 

Listening Partnerships

One partner goes first. Other partners listens with warmth, by nodding, acknowledging with comments like 'I hear you', 'yes'. When times up, check if your partner would like a question and swap and repeat with the other partner.​

The circles leaves each participant with a lighter, more connected self with an extra special sense of belonging. This leads to higher chance of connection with their children and more possibly of a calmer home life.  

* Confidential - there is no reference to what others shared. 

* Non judgmental - a place to be heard, held and feel understood.

* We hold the belief that all parents and all children are trying their best.  

* No fixing, no advice, or sharing stories. 

* All feelings and emotions and expressions are welcome: upset, rage, anger and crying, swearing, trembling, laughing, sweating. No talk is necessary, it can be just movement or sounds. All these are ways to help release and heal. 

Please contact us to join our Listening Circles.

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Parenting Guidance Groups

Therapy Session

Calm Connect is here ready to help navigate and overcome challenging situations in this safe space.  

We can tailor to each unique groups needs for each organisation or work place, focus on areas such as 

- Parents: peace and strength - working on ourselves, our needs, 

- Parent and Child:  Connection - through play and listening. 

- Parents and child: patterns of behaviour such as bedtimes, eating and seeing the bigger picture, what the child's needs are and how these can be met. 

Our Parent Guides are kind, patient, and open-minded with the experience, knowledge, and tools to help you cope with what you’re going through. We all must walk our own paths through life, but we don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help. Please contact us to find out more.

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If you’re seeking support for what you’re going through, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call, or send us a message and we’ll get back to you soon.

Greenwich, London, UK

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