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Group Session

"Rowan is one of the loveliest people I've met. She holds a welcoming, safe, non-judgemental space where we can feel good about ourselves, even on those tricky days through parenting. 

Since meeting Rowan I've felt much more confident in my parenting and also a lot more self compassionate, with permission to be kind and forgiving of myself and my child.

I highly recommend Rowan!"

Zoe, Lewisham 

"When I first joined I didn’t know what to expect at all!  I just liked the idea of sharing coping strategies around kids/family life.

I felt (and still get nervous) talking about my inner feelings as they stir up emotion but thanks to your circle I’ve idenfiied the need to get them out of me and it brings a sense of calmness and builds resilience.  I also am learning about the need to listen to my children, especially one of mine who is shy and quite introverted and the mere awareness of the need to listen and get down to their level is much more calming than the usual 'shouting and tension' route that I often take.

Rowan as a guide has been intuitive, empathetic and has a vast array of tips and techniques to help anyone and their families unlock their emotional needs.

Thank you for letting me into the Circle!!"

Bernie, London 

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